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This Runoff has Huge Implications

Paulding County is at a critical point in history, and this runoff has huge implications for the future. Its not hyperbole or an over-the-top statement; its a convicted belief grounded in five years as a resident and taxpayer, nearly three years worth of research into the problems plaguing our county, and then forged by the fiery experience of my own political campaign for Post 4 Commissioner.

The Civil War isn’t Over

Frankly speaking, Paulding is in the midst of a dog-fight… a civil war for power and control, which makes this runoff election one of the more important elections in modern history. On one side of the battle, the anti-everything and anti-everybody crowd that would prefer Paulding County revert back damn-near to the days of slavery and segregation, and on the other side of the battle, you’ve got a small minority that seem to have their hands (and wallets) in everything. I’ve only lived here 5 years, so it’s laughable when either of those minorities point the finger at me and say I’m the one being divisive and dismissive. This fight for power and control predates my residency in Paulding County by some 20+ years; I’m just a dude calling a spade a spade, fighting for the 80% of us who are stuck in the crosshairs and picking up the tax bill.

It’s time for those of us in the silent majority – the 80% stuck in the middle – to wake up, vote, and call on these vocal minorities to put the swords down, and lets all get to work, moving Paulding forward, together. It’s time to wrestle with the reality that Metro Atlanta is surrounding us, and every single county that borders us is thriving while here in Paulding County… the economy is stagnant and property taxes are continually on the rise. This is not what any of us were looking for when we moved our families here, especially me and my family. Enough is enough. Every warm-blooded registered voter in your home needs to vote in this runoff.

Local Control is Fundamental to American Government

Local control isn’t just important to me, it’s fundamental to the very fabric of our democratic republic, and there’s a concerted effort underway to take that away from us. At every level of government, appointed bodies, boards, commissions, and authorities are being established that are slowly taking away more and more of our voice, and our vote, and giving it away to appointed or hired people. It’s one thing to have a few of these here and there for practical, regional issues that require the cooperation of multiple governing bodies. It’s another thing when they become the go-to solution for every function of government. When I say we’re at a critical point in history, I mean it.

Don’t Tell Me You Don’t Do Politics.

I know people don’t like getting involved in politics. I know people want to revert to the comfort and seclusion of saying “I don’t do politics, it’s too nasty.” But that’s a crock of horse ****. If you’re a warm-blooded American, you’re involved, like it or not. I have friends and family members who’ve fought, bled, and died for you, for me, for our families, and odds are, so do you. Don’t tell me you don’t do politics. That’s un-American, and is very much a part of how we got here.

Don’t Take Local Politics for Granted

In my early 20’s, I took local elections for granted. I got very caught up in National and Statewide election campaigns. I campaigned for George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004. I campaigned for Sonny Perdue when he ran for Governor. Then Nathan Deal. And, I campaigned for Casey Cagle when he first ran for Lt. Governor. It’s easy to do. There’s a lot more fanfare and confetti at that level. It’s sexier. And there is a lot more money involved, or so it seems. It wasn’t until I hit my 30’s, had a couple kids, and owned a couple properties, started REALLY paying taxes and paying more attention to the 1’s and 0’s of my bottom line that I began to really understand the realities of middle class economics. That’s when I realized local politics are more important, and fundamentally so, to the fabric of this country and what makes it great. That’s where we live. That’s where we spend our hard earned dollars. That’s where the bulk of our taxes go and are spent. If we take local politics for granted, and we don’t participate, we end up in bedroom communities that are being increasingly taxed by a local government hijacked by extremists, because we were too busy or too un-American to pay attention. It’s an ugly truth, but someone has to say it.

Dan Boles Endorses Several Candidates

So… why the fuss? Why the rant? Well, we’re in the midst of a very important runoff election. Especially at the local level, but there’s a few things that are critical at the state level as well. So I want to invite you to #StandWithDan one more time, and join me in voting for these candidates if they are on your ballot during early voting this week, or in the Runoff on Tuesday, July 24, 2018.

I believe these candidates have the best interests of their electorate in mind, as well as a proven record as being pro-business conservatives who get things done.

Brian Stover, Post 4 Commissioner, Paulding County.

Sandy Kaecher, Post 2 Commissioner, Paulding County.

Joseph Gullett, HD 19 State Rep, Paulding County.

David Belle Isle, Secretary of State, Georgia.

David Shafer, Lt. Governor, Georgia.

Casey Cagle, Governor, Georgia.

Let’s get to work! GO VOTE.

Have a wonderful week.
– DAN >>>