The three arrows have significant meaning to me; I'm glad you asked. It's not one thing specifically, but rather a multitude of values and beliefs that guide my leadership style.

1. Serve Others First.
2. Get Things Done.
3. Your Results Matter.
4. Move Paulding Forward.
A Post Commissioner's first priority should be to represent those taxpayers and constituents in their Post, not outside interests. Paulding County is divided into 4 Commission Posts for a reason. It is the Chairman's job to represent the entire county with his/her leadership and vote.

As Post 4 Commissioner, I will work in partnership with my Post 1, 2, and 3 colleagues on matters that require partnership and special consideration for the greater good and future of Paulding County.

Just like our U.S. House of Representatives, when we elect a congressman from Georgia to the House, that Congressman's duty and priority is to represent Georgia's taxpayers. We wouldn't expect them to represent Alabama, but we would expect them to work together with the congressman from Alabama to get things done that benefit the future of America.

Our greatest challenge is very-much the divisiveness and partisan games that are being played within Paulding Politics. It's like watching the Hatfields vs. the McCoys. There is an invisible civil war of sorts playing out between Old and New, Haves and Have Nots, North and South. It's time to put it to rest, bury the hatchet, find common ground, and Move Paulding Forward. >>>

Learn more about my thoughts on this; read "Why Paulding County is Broken."

I support anything that puts the airport back to work for Paulding’s taxpayers. Commercial or not. I am not opposed to a commercial airport but the outcome of this exhausting debate doesn't matter to me; even as a general aviation airport, we could be enticing FedEx or UPS to fly cargo in, but right now, thanks to multiple lawsuits and the involvement of outside interests, it’s a big black-eye and massive deterrent for any potential economic development.

Learn more about the Airport issue, and my thoughts on why Paulding County is Broken. 

I believe wholeheartedly in protecting taxpayers from tax increases, and cutting taxes when and where it makes sense. That said, I will not sign any "little slips of paper" pledging to never raise taxes, especially from someone that does not live in Paulding County. President George Bush made such a promise in 1988 and it was a tragic mistake that ultimately lead to Bill Clinton winning the 1992 election; I will NOT make promises out of ignorance, nor will I write a check I cannot cash.
I fully and unapologetically support the 2nd Amendment.
I like pineapple on my pepperoni pizza. 😜🍕