Ivey Gulledge Road Paving – updated March 14, 2018

electdanboles Post 4 Concerns

After multiple neighbors, friends, and fellow taxpayers in the Gulledge Road (formerly known as Ivey Gulledge Road) area complained about the unfinished resurfacing of the Road, I decided to go see the current road conditions and see if I could find anyone working on the project myself.

Here’s what I found…


I will update this post as I learn more.

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After a couple phone calls and some light research, I found out the following information about when the contract was awarded, what the bid included, and the expected date of completion.

In short, it’s concerning to compare Gulledge Road and its lack of progress since at least December 2017 when it was scheduled to be completed to the Cedarcrest Road widening/resurfacing project from a couple years ago. Those of us that live along Cedarcrest remember how frustrating that was, but it was completed in what I felt was a timely manner. And never once was there a period of time where it seemed the project had been abandoned like the Gulledge Road project. I’m hoping for an update, as well as some explanations.

Source: Paulding County
On June 27, 2017, the Paulding County Board of Commissioners awarded Baldwin Paving Company (low bidder) $3,636,410.10 for the 2017 Asphalt Project Contract. This contract includes 4 different (maybe 5) roads in Post 4, as well as 7 (or 8?) roads throughout Posts 1 and 3.

The grand total project includes 13.96 miles of patching, leveling, shoulder widening and plant mix resurfacing on the following list of Paulding County roads…

  • Antioch Road [Post 1]
  • Borrow Pit Road [Post 3]
  • Brooks Rackley Road [Post 1]
  • Cheatham Road [Post 4]
  • Frey Road [Post 4]
  • Hendrix Road [Post 3]
  • Hunter Road [Post 3]
  • Old Burnt Hickory Road [Not sure which road; one is Post 1, the other is Post 3. I will find out.]
  • Ivey Gulledge Road [Post 4]
  • Picketts Mill Road [Post 1]
  • Seven Hills Boulevard [Post 4]
  • Winndale Road [Post 1]

Completion date for this contract was set for December 8, 2017

Funding provided by FY 2017 GDOT LMIG of $1,652,674.89 (your state tax dollars) and $1,983,735.21 paid by General Fund (your local tax dollars).

I plan on visiting Cheatham and Frey Roads in the next few days to see what’s going on there, as well as Seven Hills Boulevard and depending on which Old Burnt Hickory Road it is (waiting on an answer, although I believe I know), I will visit it as well. Also related, one resident pointed out the shoulders on Gulledge Road and Seven Hills Blvd. in a comment on a facebook post – I noticed that yesterday as well; a valid concern related to this project as it is quite a hazard.

More updates to come…
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