Republican & Fiscal Conservative Dan Boles

Official Statement on Paulding County Republican Debates

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Dear citizens of Paulding County,

As you may now be aware, five candidates announced Tuesday in a signed, co-authored statement that they would not be participating in the Paulding County Republican Debates due to a lack of clear, open and timely coordination from party leadership. Although I did not participate in that announcement, I do share their concerns, and I agree fully that the Paulding County Republican Party has failed the citizens of Paulding County a comprehensive opportunity to hear every candidate’s positions in a debate format. For me, it’s proof that we need new leadership. One can easily conclude that there is a bias within the party leadership and their closest friends that lean indisputably towards the incumbents, making the debate environment problematic and disingenuous. Those concerns are the primary reason, despite undue criticism, I have personally been absent at the last 3 monthly Paulding County Republican Party meetings at Mt. Tabor Park. Instead, I was hosting meet-and-greets for my campaign and interacting with the voters and business owners here in Post 4.

I’m incredibly grateful to the owners of Paradise Donuts, Pizza Shack, Salt & Pepper Cafe, Thrasher Coffee and Yellow Submarine for breathing life into our community and creating jobs, for their support, and for allowing me to host meet & greets at their locations, and the many Post 4 citizens and business owners who have attended them.

Despite my concerns however, I will be present and participating in the April 12th Paulding County Republican Party Debate as one of the candidates for Post 4 Commissioner. The Republican Primary will be held on Tuesday, May 22nd.

This decision did not come lightly; I have deliberated and prayed over this decision for the last two weeks. Regardless of what I believe to be a potentially biased and problematic environment, and a lack of timely communication, I have a responsibility and a commitment to my constituents and my party to work hard and fight for what I believe in. I will not waiver; I will not let fear-mongering, bullying, or divisive partisan politics prevent me from that responsibility or commitment.

I believe strong, common sense leadership demands we sometimes stand in the unknown, uncomfortable, unpopular moments in time. I believe it requires us to make decisions that will be good for tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, next decade, and the next generation, not just good for today. I believe this is one of those times. And I believe I am the right leader to represent the voters of Post 4 in the midst of such times.

I invite you to join me at the debate, which will be held at Chattahoochee Technical College in Dallas GA, and begins at 6:45 PM, located at 400 Nathan Dean Blvd, Dallas, GA 30132. I will have T-Shirts and Yard Signs for anyone that wants to support my campaign at a table inside the debate hall, regardless of your ability to contribute financially.

If you cannot attend the debate, I hope you will watch it live on All On Georgia – Paulding‘s Facebook Page, as they intend to stream it live, as is, with no bias, edits, or filters. They have also informed me that, should there be technical issues, they will post the debate video within 24 hours of the debate.

Thank you for choosing to #StandWithDan, and please support our local businesses!

Dan Boles
Candidate, Post 4 Commissioner
Paulding County Board of Commissioners