There’s more than one R in Results

Dan Boles Political Musings

Relationships + Responsibility + Respect + Regimen = Results.

I’ve become known for hammering on a couple of key phrases because they’re core to my belief-system as a leader. Your Results Matter. Be Intentional. And over the last 20 years, I’ve discovered there’s actually a proven formula for getting things done, and producing measurable results time after time.

There’s a lot of expert advice out there on how to be more productive, to get more done, to be the best, and it’s all good advice, but I’ve noticed it often tends to lack some key principles, or what I refer to as The Four R’s. Without them, you cannot expect to consistently get results. If you’re here reading this, you’re probably like me in that you want results. Kudo’s to you. I respect that. ✊

I am where I am today because of these words. Actually, I owe a good portion of my ability to be a business owner, a leader, a solutions finder, a fire starter, a storyteller, and an outdoors lover to my father; he spent a lot more time than I realized growing up teaching me the value of relationships, responsibility, respect, and regimen. Funny thing is, I rarely recall him uttering the word results or judging me on my actual performance. Yet, my life and experience have proven time after time, that The Four R’s, when properly valued and stewarded lead to results. The more I dive into these principles the more I realize this is precisely the result my father was seeking. My work and this campaign are dedicated to this philosophy that results aren’t just the product of hard work, but rather an intentional pursuit of value and purpose in relationships, responsibility, respect, and regimen.

Some people will tell you it’s not about politics. They’ll tell you it’s about people. That’s a nice one-liner, but the truth is, government isn’t about politics or people. It’s about governing… or better said, it’s about getting things done and keeping our communities safe.